About us


About us

“ЦАТЭК Green Energy” LLP (Company) established on July 23rd, 2014 for implementation of investment projects in the field of renewable energies.
Currently the Company’s operating activities involve preparation for implementation of wind power plant construction projects in the Akmola and Mangistau regions with 100 MW and 50MW capacity respectively.
Despite the relatively short performance period of the Company at the market, there are a number of advantages enabling not only successful implementation of projects, but also help to effectively develop the Company, grow mutually beneficial cooperation and provide services in renewable energy field at highest level.
Main resources and possibilities of the Company (success factors):

  • highly qualified managerial staff;
  • successful international and local experience in the implementation of projects in the field of renewable energy;
  • practical accumulated knowledge of regulatory legal acts, laws and rules of support and development in renewable energy field.

Company employees have taken part in development and construction of pilot Kazakhstani wind and solar power plants, including following facilities:

  • «Construction of solar plant in Kapchagai 2 MW»,
  • «Construction of wind power plant Ereimentay 45 MW and 50 MW »,
  • «Construction of wind power plant Shelek 60 MW».

The company provides following services on a professional basis:

  • general informative support of renewable energy projects;
  • providing supporting materials and information for making a decision on the best suitable equipment, along with its manufacturers, for wind and solar power plants;
  • participation in the preparation, structuring and negotiation of construciton contracts, contratcs for equipment supply, providing services, in the framework of the implementation of the renewable energy projects.

Our projects

Our projects

In the presence of high power consumption in Kazakhstan and dedication to global processes of dynamic renewable energy sources (RES) development, the filed of wind energy is becoming more essential. In this case a difference is made due to a variety of advantages, including competitiveness of such type of power generation, as well as high potential of Kazakhstan in development of such field considering its geography and vast wind resources.

The strategic aim of the Company’s projects is to promote the development of the energy sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan through its modernization and the introduction of advanced world-renowned solutions, directed to saving of depleting resources, the introduction of clean energy and the promotion of energy security.

The 100MW wind power plant for wind energy conversion will be located 40 km away northeastward from Astana.

The Project provides set up of 30 wind turbines (15 at each of two start-up complexes) with total capacity of 100 MW and auxiliary facilities (for maintenance of the wind farm operation and storage of large spare parts).

Annual energy production is forecasted at about 306 mln. kW*h level.

Implementation of the Project has a great value both for the region and for the country. On the one hand, it facilitates the energy security growth, and, on the other hand, it promotes development of the renewable energy sector, which is the priority of the existing governmental policy in power-generating sector.



Our partners

Our partners


Leading engineering company in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Established in 1974. For over 40 years of work KGNT has designed and ensured commissioning of over 100 facilities.

"Ernst and Young Kazakhstan" LLP

British auditing consulting company, one of the largest firms in the world (is the part of the Big Four).

Beaufort 8 GmbH

Founders of Beaufort 8 have 20-year experience in wind industry and have been operating in markets of East Europe and CIS countries since 2007.The Company provides commercial and technical consultations in the field of wind energy.

Alpha Center

The company renders services in data collection prior to wind power plants construction, and also delivery, installation and maintenance of towers of different application (communications, lighting etc.)


Ge:NET manufacture and deliver towers for measurement of wind streams for the power-generating industry, including introduction of measurement systems, installation and maintenance.


GeoNET Umweltconsulting GmbH

For 20 years the company has supported clients in the area of wind energy and environmental protection. The company employs specialists in such areas as geography, meteorology, renewable energy sources and landscape ecology process.
Expert evaluation of wind power plant construction projects according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025: 2005 (DAkkS, ILAC) accreditation.

HCE Design Group

Engineering company founded in 2001 in Germany. The company's main activities:

  • Building;
  • Architecture and project development;
  • Engineering services in the field of energy, primarily in the field of renewable energy sources;
  • Research and development in the field of wind energy and Foundation Engineering;
  • Supervision of the construction project.

Energy System Researches

The company was founded in 2011 in Almaty and is engaged in research to find optimal solutions to long-term development of the electricity industry, cities and regions in conjunction with the development of generating sources and backbone electric grids UES of RK. Key competencies in terms of the adoption of technically and economically optimal solutions to the consideration of the full project life cycle.

«GL Consulting»

Provides services for the financial and marketing support for companies of different levels and fields of activity.


"Kazakh Institute of Oil and Gas" JSC

Over the past 12 years since establishment, the Institute has performed more than 850 projects and firmly took the place of the leader in service and engineering services for oil and gas industry of Kazakhstan. Today "KING" JSC is involved in virtually all the major oil and gas projects and electric power industries of Kazakhstan, where the services to support the design and engineering of high quality are required.


Fichtner Group

German company, was founded in 1922, provides engineering and consulting services.

CTE Wind civil engineering

A group of international companies specializing in the analysis, examination and design of the wind turbines foundations.


International accredited company, founded in 1997, representing the following services - the choice of sites for the wind farms construction, verification of meteorological data and commissioning of the wind farms.


«Energy Ecology Engineering» LLP

The company specializing in the provision of consulting and engineering services in the field of renewable energy sources , including the supply, installation and maintenance of masts for various purposes.


Transport-logistic company, which provides a wide range of services in the field of: air transportation, sea transportation, rail and road transport, oversized and heavy cargo transportation, storages and customs clearance of goods.


Development Bank of Kazakhstan JSC

- the leading operator of the country in assessing and structuring large infrastructure and industrial projects for the private sector and the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
- a specialized state development institute that ensures timely and sufficient financing of projects in the field of industry and infrastructure;
- financial institution for providing better financing in national currency;
- one of the largest financial institutions of Kazakhstan in terms of assets with a recognized authority in international markets;
- the main agent for attracting long-term and low-cost borrowing and investments for corporate clients.


Regulatory acts

Regulatory acts

The Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 9 June 2004 № 588.

On Electric Power Industry (ENG).

Order of the Minister of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated February 20, 2015 № 117.

On approval of rules determining the nearest point of connection to the electrical or thermal networks and connection facilities for the use of renewable energy sources (RUS).

Order of the Minister of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated February 20, 2015 № 118.

On approval of the Rules of the feed-in-tariff to support renewable energy sources (RUS).

Order of the Minister of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated February 11, 2015 № 74.

On approval of the monitoring of the use of renewable energy sources (RUS).

Order of the Minister of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated March 2, 2015 № 164.

On approval of the Rules of the centralized purchase and sale by financial center of the electrical energy produced by renewable energy sources (RUS).

Order of the Minister of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated March 2, 2015 № 163.

On approval of standard purchase financial center contracts to trade electricity with power generating companies using renewable energy sources at fixed rates and rates not exceed the selling price specified in the approved the feasibility study of the renewable energy construction project, the sale of electric energy produced by objects on use of renewable energy sources to nominal consumers (RUS).

Resolution of the Government of Republic of Kazakhstan dated March 19, 2015 № 148.

On introduction of amendments and additions to the Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan from June 12, 2014 № 645 "On Approval of fixed tariffs" (RUS).

The Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 4 July 2009 № 165-IV

On Support of the Use of Renewable Energy Sources (ENG).

The Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated April 28, 2016 № 506-V LRoK.

On amendments and additions to some legislative acts of Republic of Kazakhstan on the transition of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the "green economy" (RUS).


Press releases

Press releases

The minutes of public hearings on the EIA of the "Construction of the  Astana EXPO-2017 wind farm" project  with capacity of 100 MW (RUS).





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